January 2022 Progress Update

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a relaxing holiday season. Here’s what we’ve been up to in December, what we accomplished over the year, and some goals for 2022!

December 2021

December was a little bit of a slow month, as we took some time to relax and visit family and friends. That being said, we did get a few things done, such as:

  • New enemy animations
  • Finishing some palette swaps for cats/dogs/birds
  • Finished updating older maps with the new biome
  • Fixed all user reported bugs (and a few others)
  • TTBattle infrastructure upgrades & planning
  • More cutscene writing

2021 Review

The past year was hectic and we accomplished a lot more than we expected. The biggest example of this is what happened with the in-game world map. Just to show off how much has changed, take a look at the images below!

As you can see, we increased the game world size by at least 25%, leaving only the bottom section left to go. We also:

  • Released a Beta Update
  • Fulfilled some Backer Rewards
  • Added Font Accessibility Options
  • Upgraded and added all the Battle animations and SFXs
  • A variety of TTBattle Upgrades such as:
    • Group Skills
    • Respawn Timers
    • Battle Class Visuals for Player Characters
    • Reimplemented Status Effects with new animations
    • Added differing chances for group-wide status effect skills
    • Skipping turns now has an animation
  • We added a bug and feature report form
  • We released a new trailer
  • The new overworld tiles for the new biomes were completed
  • As seen above, we completed a new biome/province
  • We worked on new VFX for the overworld, such as flag animations
  • New enemies, emote bubbles and running animations!
  • Skill and Item icons were updated with a 1080p version
  • We worked on creating passive animals, such as cats, dogs, birds, frogs and others
  • We worked on UI animations and improvements
  • Almost finished the soundtrack
  • And we’ve been streaming regularly on Twitch!

2022 Plans

So what do we have planned for 2022? Well, it’s a little bit more of the same, but we want to focus on finishing up a lot of areas that are currently in progress, such as:

  • Finish TTBattle planning, upgrades, and implementation
  • Finish adding new enemies and skills, including relevant SFX
  • Finish adding all of the overworld maps to Gataela (that bottom section in the above images)
  • Shader improvements, such as the house shader for performance, or the water shader for visuals
  • Finish end of game rewrite
  • Add all of the cutscenes and skits for the end of the game
  • Rewriting debates
  • Writing and adding side quests

We are also considering releasing a demo update with all of the bug fixes, and maybe a TTBattle specific demo to get feedback on how the system plays at some point during the year.

In the meantime, we hope you all continue to stay safe!