A decade ago a civil war tore across the Kingdom. Zack, an orphan, embarks on a mission to improve his loved ones' lives. Uncover schemes, investigate mysteries, and debate the citizens and nobles of Gataela! Will he discover hidden truths that threaten to rip apart the nation all over again?


Gataela is an RPG inspired by our love of the Tales series, the aesthetics of Victorian Steampunk, and the desire to give NPCs a greater role than background flavour text. We wanted to create a game that was focused on the everyday, where the average person can make a change, and where the goal is not to save the world, but to make a difference in the place you call home. Gatalea is a game about communication, and the power of the individual.


  • Two Battle Systems: Timed turn-based, and Debate battles where you can negotiate, convince, and debate with NPCs
  • Speaking to NPCs is important: NPCs can give you the facts you need to back up your arguments in debates
  • Skits: Get to know more about the characters and the world
  • Skills level up with you: The more you use a skill, the better you'll get at it
  • Point allocation: Distribute points each time you level up and build your party however you want
  • Science is on your side: Use gunpowder and science to craft items which can help you get out of a pinch
  • Costumes: Changing your outfit will also change your overworld's appearance, and their appearance in skits


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Selected Articles

  • I believe [the characters] are the heart of Gateala and there is an impressive cast with an even more impressive background.
    Lindsay M, Digitally Downloaded
  • The world is full of NPCs conversing with one another. The environment is full of life.
    Julie Morley, Indie Root
  • Gataela is already shaping out to be a great experience. Gameplay, character interactions, battle and exploration are all smooth and the dialog is well written.
    Pierre-Yves, Chalgyr's Game Room
  • The steampunk scenes of Gataela are buzzing with life, people jostling and bustling to make ends meet.
    Imogen Donovan, Define, direct and debate your nation’s future in Gataela

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Gataela Credits

Paige Marincak
Project Lead, Developer, Writer, Game Design
Cie Marincak
Character Design, In-Game Portraits, Pixel Sprite Art
William Vuong
Christoph Jakob
Owen Lee
Pixel Sprite Art, Animations
Louis Sciannamblo
Pixel Sprite Art, Animations, VFX
Yannie Lo
Opening Sequence Animation
Buko Studios
Tileset, Game Icons
UI Design, Logo Design
Character Design
Amanda Perez
Title Screen Illustration
SFX Composition
Character Design
Level Design