February 2022 Progress Update

We hope everyone had a good start to the new year! Here’s what we’ve been up to during January!

The Last Province

This month we started working on the last province – a mountainous region surrounded by the Saren-Croix Mountains! This area is the southern-most of Gataela, and is home to both the capital Ziacia, and the mining and research city Olvia! A lot of our work this past month was setting up and deciding on the design for the region. We also began designing Olvia, which is intended to be our most Steampunk looking city. We hope to finish this off this month, so look forward to more details then!

More Friends

We’ve been continuing to work on adding more friends and animals into the game. Pictured above are just some of the different variations of birds we will be adding. Can you guess what each type is?

What’s Next

We will continue to focus on levels and story! Our main goal for the next month will be to complete Olvia, and begin working on filling in the surrounding regions.