0.4.0 Release Notes


Our Winter Beta Update is now here! This update finishes off the story in Lakure! Look forward to traveling the province, conversing with locals, and convincing Lord Katerina to help you!

This update also contains a large number of technical improvements we made over the summer which were previous released in the demo update a few months ago. Another thing of note is that all of SFX has been redone and updated, and we’ve added some new features like books and eavesdropping.

We recommend making a copy of your save files (the .sqlite files) in your game directory before continuing. There should be no issues, but we do upgrade the files in this release.

If you come across any issues, feel free to send us a Tweet or DM, message on the Discord Server, or shoot us an email. Bug reports and feature requests can also be logged here.

Release Notes


  • Added a number of enemy, player, and equipment name strings to the translation file
  • Added new debate facts
  • Added new debates
  • Added new cutscenes
  • Added new skits
  • Added more SFX, and added new SFX to existing cutscenes
  • Added new item icons
  • Added new audio
  • Added NPCs and houses to Lakure, and unblocked the city
  • Added new character sprites
  • Added books
  • Added eavesdropping events
  • Added new overworld tiles


  • Fixed UI briefly appearing after transitioning screens before an event plays
  • Fixed lists accidentally cutting off Text
  • Fixed flashing when starting a cutscene
  • Fixed flashing when changing maps during a cutscene
  • Fixed actors during cutscenes sometimes not appearing
  • Fixed Shop Confirm Button not working


  • Upgraded to Gamemaker 2.3
  • Converted & consolidated all of the cutscenes to a new system
  • Converted & consolidated all of the skits to a new system
  • Refactored how quests are stored and loaded
  • Refactored how debate statements are stored and loaded
  • Redid all of the pre-existing SFX