December 2021 Progress Update

Welcome to the snowy season. We hope everyone enjoyed the last little bits of fall! Here’s a brief update on everything the team was up to during November!

Finishing the Biome

This month we finished off the new biome we started in June! We primarily focused on updating the in-betweens/transitional levels between the old biome and the new one.

It was rather easy for us to update the the biome where it splits along a natural gap, such as a river. However the real difficulty shows up with natural land transitions. For example, the grass in the biome on the left is brighter than that on the right. You can’t quite put the two right beside each other without it looking weird. It took quite a lot of time, but we’re pretty happy with how it all worked out.

Making Friends

One area we’ve really been focusing on recently has been creating more passive animals. We talked about it briefly last month, but it’s things like cats, dogs, bugs, birds, frogs and other animals that exist to give the world more life. One thing we really noticed when traveling throughout the world is that other than NPCs and enemies (and treasure) there wasn’t too much else. These little things can add a lot of extra movement so we hope it will help.


We’ve begun to do regular weekly Twitch streams every Tuesday from 8-10pm EST. If you’re interested in watching, follow on Twitch or keep an eye on Twitter for when we go live. And if you miss it a VOD is available on Twitch for the next little bit.

What’s Next?

Our big plan over the next few months will be to:

  • Continue writing and reworking the end of the game
  • Developing the last biome
  • Upgrading the turn-based battle system

The general theme of this next work is to finish “preparing for content”. In other words, although the story might be written, it hasn’t been implemented in the game just yet. We need all of the levels to exist in order to do that. At the same time we’ll be upgrading the turn-based battle system and fleshing it out more. After that’s gotten it’s turn, we’ll look at the debate battle system – which is heavily dependent on the story.

Our next update will focus more on a year in review and what our plans are for the coming year, so in the meantime we hope everyone stays safe during the holiday season!