July 2024 Progress Update

We hope everyone is having a nice July now that summer’s in full swing! Here’s what we were up to last month!


Last month we finished off some puzzle work – so let’s talk about it!

One type we added was pipe puzzles since…. well… they feel rather steampunky don’t they? They do have a in-game reason for them too – trust us. As you can see above we’ve got a slew of pieces to add to solve the puzzle on the right. You need to connect the pipes together and so steam can flow through them! Though I wonder what will happen if you turn them all on? 🤔

There’s still a little bit more work to do – such as UI elements, some cool steam effects and so on – but we hope you like how it’s looking so far.

Next 6 Months

It’s been 6 months since our last check in on our plans – so let’s go over what the rest of the year will look like! That being said… lots of things are up in the air given the state of employment, so please keep that in mind and that things may change.

Our main “theme” for the next 6 months is “making the world alive”. This means adding things like NPCs, enemies, treasures, passive animals, etc. We’ll also be putting things together and plugging everything in – for example battle animations. By the end of the year we hope we’ll be in a place where we’ll be able to focus on side quests, things we missed, accessibility and so on.

In the short term (3-6 months), this means:

  • Adding new Battle VFX (and SFX?)
  • Adding NPCs, animals, treasure, etc. to the maps
  • Rebalancing Debate battles & related facts/evidence/side quests etc.
  • Finish adding all of the Kickstarter backer houses

And looking beyond that (subject to change):

  • Map visual upgrades (ex. the water shader)
  • Adding Side Quests
  • Performance and bug fixes as needed
  • General balancing & AI difficulty (battles, economy, etc.)

What’s Next?

Next month we’re going to be focusing on:

  • Wrapping up the last few cutscenes
  • Adding all new Battle VFX

Happy summer!