June 2024 Progress Update

Happy June everyone! Here’s what we’ve been up to for the past month!

Interior Completion! Puzzles! Cutscenes!

Yes that’s right you heard it – we finished off all of the interiors! (Well, minus a few special ones and some backer houses) We also “found” time to complete adding some puzzles for a dungeon, and doing a whole lot of cutscene work!

Since cutscenes don’t have anything visually to show without spoilers, we’ll be showing off the city of Olvia and it’s interiors this month, and talk about the puzzles next. Keep an eye out though since next month we’ll be talking about the next leg of development.


Olvia is a mining city located beside the Saren-Croix Mountain Range, which divides Gataela and the Ovion Empire. Lots of raw materials are available thanks to industry in the area, and so the city is also home to Steam-powered research, technology and advancements.

The Miner’s Association has a convenient break room in the quarry outside the mines for any workers to use. The entrance contains a register of current people working in the mines along with what equipment was rented. This room is usually filled with people coming and going, as well as those chatting. A quiet space/nap room is available in the back for those who need it.

Olvia is home to one of the most prestigious printing houses in the country – although they may not look it. Covered in paper, coffee stains and filled with overworked editors – this publishing house is famous for discovering and publishing My Fairest: Gataela’s most popular romance-adventure novel series.

The city may be covered in dirt and grime but the inn keeper will fight tooth and nail to keep his business clean and spotless. That being said, the children have taken this as a challenge and often try to barge in, make a mess and get out as fast as possible.

A warehouse was recently converted into a laboratory of some sort. They call it a “garage” – whatever that is. Rumour says they are making a horse-less carriage, but how can that be possible?

What’s Next?

This month will be strictly focused on finishing off adding the MSQ cutscenes! Look out for more news next month!

Take care everyone! Happy Summer!