February 2023 Progress Update

Happy Deep Freeze! We hope you are all keeping warm. Here’s what we were up to during the last month!

Completing the Forest

This month our main focus was on completing the layout for one of the last dungeons of the game! It was a lot of hard work to get everything done but with this we have a nice base to put in events, enemies and cool effects. We can’t show you all too much, but here are a few screenshots of various locations.


Another key focus for this month was skits! As we mentioned last month one of our main goals this quarter was adding all of the MSQ skits. Good news! We’re almost there. Excluding MSQ skits directly related to debates, we have 3 left. How exciting!

What’s Next

Our focus for the next month will be:

  • Completing the rest of the overworld maps
  • Finishing adding the rest of the MSQ skits
  • Complete the new turn-based enemies