March 2023 Progress Update

What a short month! But this update is jam packed with good news so get ready! Here’s what we were up to over the past month~

Overworld Completion

Oh me oh my it’s true it’s done! Here is the complete overworld and the country of Gataela! This past month we spent a lot of time finishing up the last little bit blending the biomes between the rocky region of Olvia and the marshland of Vescha!

This area was quite difficult to work on as there were no shared ground tiles between the two regions. In the end we used the marsh-ness of Vescha to break the area up into blocks of land, which allowed for a more natural transition between the two.

There are more improvements that we would like to make – such as fixing the water or updating the older regions in the northern part of the overworld – but those things will come in due time. Due time being… probably after release.

But! We are done for now! Enjoy!

Turn-Based Enemy Completion

Another thing we completed this month was a bunch of new enemies and all of their animations! Owen’s been hard at work to help diversify the group and they are now complete! Above are just a few of the many now completed. We might show off more information about them in the future!

MSQ Skit Completion

And finally we crossed off finishing the non-debate MSQ skits! The debate MSQ skits will come after the debates are rewritten (since, y’know, they need to directly mention debate content). But this is a huge step forward for getting content into the game!

What’s Next?

Wow, what a banger month, huh? Going forward we will continue to focus on the two battle systems, and working our way through the towns, cities and their interiors. Or in summary:

  • Begin completing the Turn-Based Battle Skill VFX
  • Rebalancing the Turn-Based Battle System
  • Finish rewriting all of the debates and related side quests
  • Completing city/town interiors

Have a great March! See you in April~