March 2022 Progress Update

Happy March! We hope everyone was well during February. That month always seems to go by so quickly. Here’s what the team was up to!


This month our key focus was to get the city of Olvia complete. Olvia is the major city of the last zone (excluding the capital) and was intended to be the most Steampunk feeling city. Pictured above, is the city stitched together across two separate maps.

Olvia is located snug into the base of the Saren-Croix Mountain range, and is known far and wide as a city of opportunities. In the past it was primarily a mining town that grew in size, but with the advent of steam technology it was the first city to fully convert to the new power source. Many people come to the city either to strike riches in the mines, or to try their luck with steam technology.

Debate Portraits

It’s been a while since our last update on the Debate Battles, but we are continuing to make progress on all of the major character debates by focusing on adjusting expressions and updating older placeholder assets. For example, pictured above we have Wislaw, the Lord of Wynoa, and Brianne, the Lord of Vescha giving us their best smiles~

What’s Next

Now that Olvia is complete, we will begin working on the neighboring areas as we fill out the mountain range. We will also be continuing to work on SFX, writing and other items. In the meanwhile, earlier in January we mentioned that we were considering releasing a demo update with all of the bug fixes we’ve accomplished in the past year. This update will be coming out sometime in the next week!

We hope everyone continues to stay safe and keep well, and please look forward to the update~