0.6.0 Release Notes


It’s been a while since our last demo update. This update focuses on addressing feedback from the last update, adding new assets, and some adjustments and improvements. See the change log for the full changes.

It is available to download on Itch, Gamejolt and Steam.

If you come across any issues, please log them here. For more dedicated support feel free to send us a Tweet or DM, message on the Discord Server, or email us.

Change Log


  • Added more SFX, and added new SFX to existing cutscenes
  • Added a respawn timer to overworld and patrol enemies
  • Added sunset music for Vuni
  • Added an area identifier to the minimap for quest goals within a general area
  • Added animations to flag pole and boat flags
  • Added a tumbleweed animation when no move is made during a TTBattle
  • Added palette swap versions for most enemies
  • Added running animations for most enemies
  • Added a modern font option


  • Shop Confirm Button not working
  • Not being able to buy items at the shops
  • Crashes that occurred in some cutscenes near the end of the demo
  • Bomb animation vertical bounce
  • Hours value missing when there was less than 1 hour of play time
  • Adjusted Apple description
  • Skill and Inventory layouts not matching the main menu layout
  • An enemy outside of Wynoa being stuck in a collision when spawned
  • Dodge Shine Animation not playing
  • Both Inn options being highlighted
  • Newly added party members not appearing in the menu
  • Party members losing stats after leaving the party
  • Entering Wiska Forest before you could (players should get less lost now)
  • MSQ were not necessarily being set as the default quest when gained after completing a previous MSQ
  • The last frame of an animation sometimes would not appear in TTBattles
  • World map opening when pressing space
  • Fullscreen mode not working when it was sunset or nighttime
  • Minimap not updating when changing quests in the menu
  • Depth layout ordering for characters in TTBattles
  • Water in Vuni in some places was missing
  • Crashing when trying to experiment


  • Heavily Refactored the TTBattle System & fixed various bugs related to it
  • Heavily Refactored the TTBattle Animation System & fixed various bugs related to it
  • Upgraded Gamemaker to 2.3.3
  • Refactored a few overworld functions to become more efficient so we could put more objects on maps
  • Upgraded Skill, Status & Item Icons with Higher Resolution versions
  • Changed the Debate Battle bubble
  • Removed last save point text from the main menu screen
  • Run mode is now the default upon starting a new game
  • Steam Demo now matches Itch and Gamejolt Demo