November 2021 Progress Update

Happy Belated Halloween! We hope everyone had a spooktacular night! Here’s what we’ve been up to over the past month.

Misc Additions & Improvements

As we mentioned last month, progress was expected to be pretty slow. That being said, we got a few things done, and have a few things coming along the way such as:

  • The Stealth skill animation was updated to match the new battle animations
  • All of the Skill and Item icons were updated to match the new 1080p UI resolution
  • We fixed a bug where when you changed the selected quest in the quest log and left the menu the mini map was still pointing to the old quest until you changed levels
  • Added an area identifier to the mini map for quests that have an objective in a general area
  • Working on an animation that plays when turns are skipped during battle
  • Working on adding passive animals to the game, such as cats, dogs and birds
  • Designed some new VFX for when walking on dirt, sand, and through shallow and deep water
  • Working on juicing up the game with new transition animations for battles and menus
  • Creating new emote bubbles for cutscenes, and updating the debate battle bubble to be more clear
  • And More!

What’s Next?

As we outlined before, we’ll be continuing to focus on various improvements through the month of November. We hope to finish off most of the transition maps/levels between the new province and the old ones, and start planning out the last province and the battle improvements.