October 2021 Progress Update

Happy Spooky October! Here’s what we were up to over the past month!

Province Update

This month we primarily focused on completing the new province! Pictured to the side is a large chunk of what was left after last month’s update!

This area was mainly composed of in between areas on the outskirts of the country. It mainly features a small forest, the military outpost along the border, the river that divides Gataela from Rical, and a small secluded settlement. From this area you can also see part of Myran Lake.

Misc Additions & Improvements

This month we also worked on a variety of other small tasks such as:

  • Fixing the remaining bugs from the public bug list
  • Creating running animations for bear, moose, cougar and wolf enemies
  • Creating a special boss skill
  • Creating more emote bubbles and working on improving the debate emote bubble
  • Creating various VFX
  • MSQ writing improvements

What’s Next?

As we previously mentioned, progress will be slow over the next few months due to some sudden important real-life responsibilities and events. Now that the new province has been added, we’ll be working on the following for the next little bit:

  • General animation improvements, such as running animations, more VFX, etc
  • More MSQ writing improvements
  • Updating the Skill and Item icons with a a higher resolution version
  • In-between levels/maps blending and connecting the new province with the older ones
  • Planning for battle improvements and the next (and last) province