September 2021 Progress Update

Hello! Summer has gone and passed, and Autumn will soon be arriving ?

Province Update

For the past couple months, we’ve been talking about the level work for the new province and how we want to add more visual diversity to the game. We originally said this would take about three months and be finished for the end of September.

Good news! We’re still on track!

Spoiler! As you can see to the left, we’ve updated a majority of the area, and will be finishing off the last levels this month.

This is the first pass of these areas, so they are missing events, NPCs, house interiors, enemies, treasure and so on. Once these are finished, it’ll open us up to being able to add these things along the second pass through.

We’re also looking to add more environmental details, such as bugs flying around, frogs croaking, and grass moving back and forth as you walk through. We have a lot of ideas, and we’re hoping to show you all soon!

Battle Animation Update

This month we also finished off the battle animation updates for ALL of the characters. Yes. Every character now has animations for each of the possible weapon types. Owen has been doing a stellar job with these over the past few months and we can’t wait to show you more in the future!

What’s Next?

Next month we’re looking to finish off the rest of the province, more writing and finish fixing all the user-reported bugs.

It’s also important to note that the next couple updates for the month of September and October will likely be short on content due to some sudden real-life responsibilities and events. We thank you for your understanding during this time.