Progress Update – 3/11/18 – 79.2% Complete


  • Final Overworld Maps – 14.2% in progress; 71.7% complete
  • Worked on updating Debate NPC expressions
  • Worked on adding new battle animations, and updating current ones
  • Worked on updating the UI
  • Worked on more music
  • Worked on optimizing the demo

Coming up next:

  • Optimization Work
  • Graphical Update
  • Run button

The past month focused on the graphical update, specifically the UI update and new sprites.

Run Button

One of the big new features coming out of the graphical update is a run button. Something I heard early on, but also recently at Otakuthon, was “Is there going to be a run button?” The answer is yes!

We’ve got most of the sprites done to finally start implementing this, so we look forward to it in the next month!

UI Updates & Debates

UI updates have been going well and they’re almost finished! We’re at the point where we’re adding a few new screens, so I wanted to briefly mention one of them: The Debate Statement list!

After looking through how people played the demo (thanks for the LPs!) it came to our attention that gathering facts and remembering what facts you had gathered was hard. In a game centered around that for one of the battle system that is, uh, not good.

Plus, facts came from just talking to people, which is good, but there’s also other ways to get them. For instance, in the dungeon, you gathered facts from the environment (i.e. evidence).

We’ve now added different ways to gather these facts:

  • Through evidence (i.e. inanimate objects, papers, etc.)
  • By talking to reputable people (ex. in debates, the old system)
  • Testimonies (i.e. by talking to many un-reputable people)

Testimonies are the big changer. There’s a lot of NPCs, and some of them say similar things in their dialogue, but are slightly different (ex. Vuni’s market). So instead of needing to talk to this one NPC located in this one place, just to have them say something you already knew from talking to everyone else…. you’ll just gain it from talking to everyone else.

And the new statement screen will show you all of this.

I hope you look forward to what’s coming up!