Progress Update – 1/10/18 – 79.2% Complete


  • Final Overworld Maps – 14.2% in progress; 71.7% complete
  • Worked on updating Debate NPC expressions
  • Added Steam Integration
  • Released Mini-Demo Update for Beta Testers (on Steam!!)
  • Worked on adding new battle animations, and updating current ones
  • Worked on updating the UI
  • Worked on more music
  • Worked on optimizing the demo
  • Fixed a bug where if you tried to save the game it would crash
  • Added a “location” indicator in the menus and when loading files
  • Added attack/defence/speed/accuracy increase/decrease indicators for enemies and players when in the turn-based battles
  • Added a save point indicator to the mini map

Coming up next:

  • Optimization Work
  • Graphical Update

This past month focused mainly on getting the steam integration up and running, and releasing the mini-demo update for beta testers.


In case anyone missed it, the mini-update was released last month! If you were previously registered on the forum for beta testing then you should’ve received a steam key.

If you are eligible for beta testing, but did not receive a key, please send a message and we’ll sort it out. For Kickstarter backers this would be through Kickstarter. For storenvy folks, please send a message through storenvy or an email with the email you used to purchase the beta to the contact address.

Coming up next

The next little bit will be focusing on more graphical updates. We’re looking forward to showing off more of the improvements in the coming while!