Progress Update – 3/9/18 – 79.2% Complete


  • Final Overworld Maps – 14.2% in progress; 71.7% complete
  • Worked on updating Debate NPC expressions
  • Worked on adding new battle animations, and updating current ones
  • Started work on more music
  • Worked on optimizing the demo
  • Fixed a lot of bugs related to collisions, cutscenes, lag, and animations
  • Fixed all the bugs for the mini demo update

Coming up next:

  • Optimization Work
  • Release Mini-Demo Update for Beta Testers

This past month focused on fixing the bugs from the Otakuthon demo to prepare for the mini-demo release to beta testers on steam.[[MORE]]

Mini Update

All critical bugs have been fixed! We’re planning to send out the steam beta keys to a small set of alpha testers, and then sending out the other keys to the registered beta testers once we’re sure we’ve got everything set up properly.

Please keep an eye on your inboxes over the next few weeks. Kickstarter beta testers will be getting their messages through Kickstarter as per usual. Other beta testers will get emails to the emails which they have used to purchase the beta.


Otherwise, we’ll be continuing with the new animations, UI, maps, and music. We’ll be working on putting in a run button(!!!) and updating more of the UI. Look forward to more screenshots!