April 2024 Progress Update

Happy April! Let’s get into what we were up to last month!

New Battle Effects

Last month we added another new set of battle effects to the game with their accompanying audio. Here’s a couple of them below.

Splash is used only by Turtles. They do a little hop and a skip (it’s really quite cute) in order to lower your guard (and all of your stats with it).

Drum is only used by Crabs. They wave their pincers around in the air and psychs up the other Crabs on the field, raising their defence.

Birds, Cats and Ducks

Another improvement we made was adding movement to the birds, cats and ducks.

Cats have three distinct modes: wandering, sitting and sleeping.

Birds can be wandering around, stationary or in flight. If you walk passed them they don’t particularly care, but run and they’ll be spooked and fly off. As for the ones in flight, well, they’re too high up to care.

Ducks are similar to the other birds, however they are water-bound. If you run near them they’ll get spooked and fly off.

With this all the animals now have some sort of movement logic which means they’re ready to be added to all of the maps!

What’s Next?

We’ll be wrapping up Olvia’s interiors and hopefully the Kickstarter interiors with that along with the usual Cutscenes & Battle effects. If all goes well, we’ll also be putting in some dungeon puzzles!

  • Olvia Interiors
  • Kickstarter Interiors
  • MSQ Cutscenes
  • TTBattle VFX & SFX
  • Dungeon Puzzles

May you have April showers!