October 2022 Progress Update

Hello everyone! It’s spooky season! Here’s what we were up to over the past month~

Gamepad Support

Our primary focus this month was finishing off adding gamepad support which we started in August. Great news: It’s done! Thanks to everyone who hung out with us on stream as we powered through this!

As we mentioned last month, we are considering pushing out a demo update with these changes along with other improvements and minor bug fixes. We have a little more work to make this 100% user friendly – for example we need to display gamepad buttons on UI elements where there are handy shortcuts. This will take a while, so we can’t give a solid date as of yet, but please look forward to it when it comes!

Adding Some Juice

Between adding gamepad support, working on the final debate and turn-based battle improvements – we started to focus on adding some UI animations! These don’t really add too much other than some extra visual interest when playing, but it should help the game feel a little more polished. For example, above is an example of the new party swap animation, and below is an example of new button hover effects!

What’s Next?

Moving into October we will be focusing on more miscellaneous improvements as we work to finish the last debate, primarily around:

  • Adding more UI animations
  • Fixing some minor visual bugs
  • Adding new emote bubbles and passive animals; and
  • Adding a skip feature to cutscenes