September 2022 Progress Update

Happy? September to you all! Summer is just about over here, which means it’s time for another update. Here’s what we’ve been up to over the last month!

Planning, Improvements & More

Last month we focused a lot on improving our development processes and planning out a significant portion of work over the next few months. We completed the debate upgrades (and redid all of the debates) and did some end of game dungeon design! But we can’t show that… Or talk about that…

So instead here’s some of the overworld VFX we added!

Gamepad Support

Another big focus of the month was adding the long-requested gamepad support! We swapped out our input library with Input 5, and began the long process of replacing our existing input support (keyboard + mouse) as well as add gamepad.

The good news:

  • Adding Input 5 was easy, and swapping out the input libraries was even easier
  • We can now support all sorts of different controllers
  • Input 5 supports easily swapping different input configurations (future work)
  • WASD and arrow keys will be supported for movement (a highly requested feature)

The bad news:

  • We’re still working on adding support

We’re hoping to finish off most of the basic support this month and looking to roll out the basic support into the demo sometime before the end of the year.

In the meantime, enjoy what it looks like to debug scroll bars:

What’s Next?

Our big goals for the next month are:

  • Finish basic gamepad support
  • Begin working on writing the final debate battle (!!!)
  • Add some UI FX juice
  • Adding more animals and enemies to the game
  • Expanding the TTBattle and creating new graphics