May 2022 Progress Update

Spring has sprung and May has arrived! Here’s our progress over the last month~

Province Update

Our major focus right now has been on completing the last province of the game. Last month we showed you how the bottom left of the province was developing, and this month you can see that we’ve just about completed it!

April 2022
May 2022

Our main focus in April was to finish off those two towns and most of their surrounding areas. With their completion, we’ve officially finished all of the small towns!

The small areas to the north near the river will be handled when we start dealing with the transition maps between provinces. As for the area to the bottom right, we’ll start working on it when we get to the center of the province.

Our next focus is to finish our last city – the capital Ziacia! Cities take a lot of work to get done, as you can see below with our progress on Olvia. Hopefully it’ll be done and dusted as we move into June!

What’s Next?

As we’ve mentioned, our two major focuses right now is the province and writing the end of the game. As you would expect – there’s not a whole lot we can say about that! We’ll be continuing on that this month, as well as working on more passive animals.