July 2019 Progress Update

Hey everyone! Happy July! Here’s what we’ve been up to the past month!

Map Updates

This past month we added one of the more highly requested features from our backlog: The World Map!

This world map’s design is probably not surprising to people who’ve been following along for a while, but it is certainly a new addition to the game that we’ve been wanting to put in for ages.

This world map will show you all the major locations in the game, your rough position in the world, and where your next goal is, along with various warp point locations.

We hope everyone enjoys it, and it helps them navigate the world better!


We’ve also been doing polish passes and slowly improving the quality of everything. For example, here is what the Statement Screen looked like:

And now it looks like:

There’s a bunch of other small things like that, but generally speaking we are slowly approaching:


We can say for certain it will not be out this month. We have a good number of tasks to complete this month, so at the moment we’re targeting either late August or very early September.

What’s Next?

We’ll be continuing to finish off the demo. If you’re interested in checking in on how it’s going, or just want to hang out, we’ve been streaming a good portion of the development on Twitch as of late. We’re usually streaming about 3-5 times a week for 2+ hours at a time around 7pm-10pm EST.