0.7.0 Release Notes


Welcome to the big ol’ grand ✨ Performance Update ✨. We’ve improved loading, we’ve improved transitions, we’ve improved shaders, surfaces, FPS stability, memory usage – the list goes on! We’ve also added a few QoL changes, a little bit of polish and a bunch of various bug fixes. Plus a bunch of engine upgrades! See the change log for the full list of changes.

It is available to download on Itch, Gamejolt and Steam.

If you come across any issues, please log them here. For more dedicated support feel free to send us a Tweet or DM, message on the Discord Server, or email us.

Change Log


  • Drastically improved performance for loading maps, transitioning between screens, etc.
  • Improved performance for shadows, interiors, tall grass, overworld objects and the minimap
  • Improved performance for all entities that use surfaces and shaders
  • Sped up most screen transitions
  • Lengthened the DBattle transition
  • Added a splash screen on startup
  • Lower BGM when ambience is playing
  • Added button hover effects
  • Added party swap animation
  • Made some improvements to SFX
  • Added VFX when running over sand, dirt, water, etc.
  • When gaining items, items that you can use in battle are auto assigned to the battle wheel if there is an empty space
  • Party portraits are now always displayed in the inventory


  • Fixed many, many, many issues related to Gamemaker upgrades (70+)
  • Fixed some flickering that may occur when starting cutscenes
  • Fixed confusing minimap arrow in bandit camp
  • Fixed crash when interacting with certain bandits in the bandit camp
  • Fixed an area where you could get stuck and soft-lock in the bandit camp
  • Fixed an area where you could get stuck near wiska forest
  • Fixed some enemy attacks not occurring
  • Fixed the countdown clock showing hours in battles
  • Fixed DBattle music playing after a transition and not before
  • Fixed party members who are not in party any more levelling up and gaining exp in debates
  • Fixed Continue From Save breaking when in a battle triggered by a cutscene
  • Fixed flashing battle bar at the start of TTBattles
  • Fixed use item in inventory not applying when clicking on the characters face
  • Fixed automatic inventory assignment causing duplicate entries
  • Fixed white border on fighters in opening cutscene
  • Fixed action events not visible after valid cutscene without map reload
  • Fixed post cutscene events may run out of order when loading a map
  • Fixed shaders breaking when entering into the menu from inside of a house
  • Fixed an infinite popup that may occur when interacting with a locked door
  • Fixed input may be checked when the window is unfocused
  • Fixed double shader effect inside buildings
  • Fixed laggy skill up button
  • Fixed being able to click on buttons during a screen transition
  • Fixed infinite dialog box popup
  • Fixed minimap crashes
  • Fixed interior crashes
  • Fixed title screen buttons disappearing when pressing back at the start of the game


  • Upgraded Gamemaker to v2023.11.1.160 Runtime
  • Upgraded Steamworks SDK
  • Upgraded DLLs to work with x64 configurations
  • Reimplemented all Debates to use Chatterbox
  • Changed input handling to use Input