June 2020 Progress Update

Hello everyone! We hope that everyone is staying safe and doing well! Here’s what we’ve been up to for the past month!

Battle Improvements

Last month we made a number of improvements to the turn-based battle system focusing around RNG, and worked to ensure that they functioned properly. Such as adding crit, missing, and escape failures back into the game.

In the November demo release we removed the RNG capabilities from the turn-based battles. The main reason was that we couldn’t ensure that if we said a skill activated 30% of the time that it actually did. It required a lot of manual testing, and if by chance we were mistaken and it really worked 3% of the time, then people might become very frustrated with the battles.

As many readers of these posts know, we’ve been working to add unit testing into the game, particularly for stability and battle simulations, but also to ensure these types of situations work properly. It is very easy for a computer to simulate 100 uses of the skill and make sure they are used more-or-less 30% of the time.

A lot of that work has now paid off, and with some fixed up algorithms, we’re comfortable to add a lot of these features back into the battle system. We hope you look forward to them!

Beta Update

Now for some exciting news! The next beta update is scheduled to be released this month! We’re working on finishing up the release and doing a lot of testing and adjustments, but we hope you’re looking forward to it!

We’ve updated the roadmap for this release, and some of the big things coming your way include:

  • A load of battle improvements: HP bars changing colors, criticals, missing attacks, escape failures, equipment & skill stat fixes, and more!
  • A new dungeon!
  • The overworld has doubled in size: new towns, & locations to see and explore!
  • A new party member!
  • More story!
  • And a few other things here and there~

The Fall release has also been updated, so take a look and we’ll be going in more depth with what we have planned for it next month!

What’s Next?

Obviously, we’ll be working to get the release out around the end of the month. Otherwise, we’re looking to focus on improving the cutscene system post-release to fix a number of bugs related to it, and we’re currently evaluating Gamemaker Studio 2.3 to upgrade when it leaves beta status.

Keep well, and we’ll see you all soon!