May 2019 Progress Update!

Hey everyone! Happy May~ Last month we made a huge leap forward with the demo update!

Map Updates

Most of last month focused on updating maps, NPCs and checking to make sure everything both ran smoothly and we didn’t run into weird “getting stuck in collisions when changing maps” errors. These things aren’t quite glamorous to look at, but there’s nothing worse than it actually happening, especially if you haven’t saved in a while…..


Some of you folks will have noticed that last month we made a return to Twitch streaming! We had to stop streaming a couple years back due to a poor internet connection. How poor? Let’s just say on average the download speed was 600kbps.

So we got a new connection last month, which means streaming is now possible again! We don’t have a schedule at the moment, but if it happens it will typically be sometime around 6pm to 9pm EST. To find out when we stream, follow us on Twitch!

What’s Next?

We’ll be continuing on as usual. We’re getting closer and closer to feeling comfortable of calling a date for the new demo release, so keep an eye out on the next few updates!