Progress Update – 2/2/19 – 79.2% Complete


  • Final Overworld Maps – 14.2% in progress; 71.7% complete
  • Worked on adding new music
  • Worked on updating and adding new animations
  • Worked on a new website
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Added some quality of life fixes to the UI to improve UX
  • Added a new battle results screen
  • Updated some old dialogue
  • Added more failure/pass options for the port debate
  • Rearranged early-on debate facts
  • Revealed some more characters

Coming up next:

  • Bug fixes
  • Graphical Update

This past month was mostly focused on bug fixes.

Demo Testing

We’ve started to enter into testing for the new demo, which means that we’ve been encountering a range of issues from crashes to little quality of life improvements.

Some of the quality of life improvements have been things like:

  • Don’t allow the user to click on a button if they can’t do anything
  • Play music/adjust the in game volume in real time while adjusting the settings
  • Adding invisible walls to the tutorial area
  • Clickable UI elements get highlighted

And so on.

As we prep for the demo we will be mainly focused on bug fixes and these QoL improvements. 

See ya next month!